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17 Feb 2020

Applications are not easy, tracing is: context propagation

A few days ago I've written a new article exclusively for It's all about OpenTelemetry and context pr...
12 Feb 2020

More complicated EKS scenarios: EKS managed worker nodes without internet access

Are you using EKS managed worker pools? If you don't have any specific reasons for not using them, you should. It saves...
09 Feb 2020

Applications are not easy, tracing is: a brief introduction to OpenTelemetry

I have great news! [OpenTelemetry will be in beta](
29 Jan 2020

DAPR: introduction to Distributed Application Runtime

At the moment, there are no doubts that transformation to the new architectural pattern, microservices architecture, is...
01 Jan 2020

Age: lighweight file encryption tool

Welcome in 2020, I'm glad that you've made it. Today I'm not gonna talk about Public Clouds or Kubernetes. This is my l...